Financial obligation is actually element of modern society. Irrespective of your projects ethic or monetary bracket, you’ll be with debt at some time in your lifetime, also it just takes a couple of unintended circumstances for that financial obligation to cultivate out of control. Numerous customers have actually looked to me personally after facing unexpected expenses that are medical task loss, and divorce proceedings. Other people have actually wanted my advice after falling captive to figuratively speaking to be able to satisfy their academic and expert goals. These circumstances must not enable you to get pity. That’s why we strive to confidentially help my clients turn their unfortunate situations around.

Catherine Christiansen

Each of my youth relatives and buddies have actually known i desired in order to become legal counsel from the time I happened to be a girl that is young. Now, i will be a board certified bankruptcy expert attempting to assist people as you regain their economic freedom.


Directing you through a number of problems without judgment.

Ch. 7 Bankruptcy

Ch. 11 Bankruptcy

Ch. 13 Bankruptcy

Tax Law

Although the Bible helps it be clear that debts must be repaid, generally it puts compassion for the needy and conservation associated with household most importantly of all. Overall, the lesson that is main of the Old and New Testaments is the fact that mercy is always to come before pure financial concerns.

Also, numerous verses by Deuteronomy, Exodus, Leviticus, Ezekiel, and Nehemiah all prohibit loans of cash with interest, especially towards the vulnerable, further solidifying why it is crucial to ease anyone who has gotten into financial obligation due to pay day loans and subprime charge cards and automobile funding.

Do not let anxiety victim in your satisfaction

Your credit rating might not drop just as much you can always repair it using secured credit cards and installment loans as you would think, and.

You can refinance for a better rate though you may initially only qualify for a high interest loan, after 6 – 12 months of on-time payments.

It is feasible to acquire home financing in as low as 1 to 2 years after filing bankruptcy whenever following guidance of a economic planner.

Changing one life at the same time

Fulfilling Catherine changed my entire life.

My situation ended up being managed when you look at the fastest, caring that is most, & most professional mannerism that i’ve ever skilled.

Simply whenever you think there isn’t any hope, call Catherine.

During our situation as well as others, issues constantly arise. Catherine constantly prayed that God is in control with us and reminded us. I will be thankful that God place her inside our course.

Our regret that is only was fulfilling her very first.

Success Stories

50-something divorced casualty associated with the estate that is real crash, located in trailer parked at buddy’s household discharged $300,000 in credit card debt.

50-something few with special requirements adult children incurred $30,000 taxation financial obligation, an IRS lien, and $90,000 in personal debt. They filed bankruptcy and completed their 0% plan discharging the $90,000 debt that is unsecured having to pay the quantity due the IRS whom then circulated its lien.

Performing couple that is 50-something senior mom and university going to son in 2008 suffered a reduction in income and accepted offer to change home loan. For just two years they endured loan that is submitting documents with their loan provider and then face foreclosure notices. Chapter 11 and adversary action filed. A loan modification was entered after a long hard battle.

Single earner home of 40-something couple with teenage children. Withdrew whole 401K funds to help keep house, that has been foreclosed, and also to keep credit that is high, which plunged if they were not able to help make payments.Discharged their credit card debt and a repayment arrange for their income tax financial obligation..


Although we happily assist customers from all faiths and walks of life, one thing many find reassuring to learn is I’m a created again Christian. Whether or otherwise not your share my religious opinions, you will discover that we regularly do my work with purpose. I bring an outlook that is peaceful each situation because We view might work from an increased viewpoint.

If you would like a more individual or spiritual approach payday loans Oregon, i will be thrilled to stay and pray to you. Since your financial predicament make a difference numerous aspects of your daily life, i really believe that having a compassionate and holistic course can be helpful.

Economic troubles can be taxing, but irrespective of the strategy we elect to over come them, we promise to generally be a supply of courage and hope through your attempting time.

Taxation and bankruptcy hearings are stressful for solicitors too, but my faith and experience have actually taught me personally how exactly to stay tranquil, focused, plus in control. Witnessing my customers settle down and proclaim that their life have now been conserved is an honor, as you would expect. Those moments make my work worthwhile and fuel me to carry on advocating for my customers, irrespective of the situation.

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